Famous Ancestors of Kaloke Koto-Fei of Dynasty Siam

Koto-Fei was bred by a good friend of mine Mrs Mary Key of Jedbursgh, Roxburghshire, Scotland who has been breeding Sealpoint Siamese
with the Kaloke Prefix since 1968 with the aim of purity in Sealpoint pedigrees and kittens with good health and temperament.

GC Kaloke Pharaoh (18-Oct-71) was Mary's very first Gr.Champion and the son of the all-time great Ch. Sabukia Sirocco.

Pharaoh is a grandson son of
the great Ch. Killdown Kerry.

Ch. Sabukia Sirocco 24

Ch. Killdown Kerry 24

Ch.Killdown Sultan  24

Lindale Simon Pie     24

Killdown Ninette                  24

Killdown Fenella    24

Ch. Clonlost Yo-Yo            24

Sealsleeve Shah Danseur     24

Ch. Sabukia Saina 24

Ch.Samaikand Gallant Lad 24

Ch. Sabukia Sir Galahad      24

Blue Fox Chini                     24

Embergay Sheba   24

Ch. Bluehayes Foxy             24

Aquila                                  24

Cymbeline Chemeli

Ch. Marshbrook Kwando 24

Ch. Windale Derri  24

Ch. Dunchattan Sabu Hassa 24

Crimplesham Narong           24

Karribee Michelle  24

Delamere Simba                   24

Spotlight Zephyr                    24

Ch. Dunchattan Ayshah 24

Ch. Windale Derri 24

Ch. Dunchattan Sabu Hassan 24

Crimplesham Narong            24

Ch. Dun chattan Kiki Kula         24

Ch. Tailong Kuli                    24

Dunchattan Muna Amira       24

The Killdown prefix is very famous. It belongs to Mrs Isobel Keene, a well known and respected Judge who bred for many years.
Mrs Keene bred beatiful Ch. Killdown Kerry (1959) the grandson of two very notable studs Ch. Clonlost Yo-Yo and
Lindale Simon Pie,
and a great-grandson of famous Mystic Dreamer.

s pie
Ch. Killdown Kerry
Seal Pt Male Born 1959
S: CH Killdown Sultan
D: CH Killdown Fenella
Lindale Simon Pie
Seal Pt Male Born 1948
S: Mystic Dreamer
D: Beaumanor Bricky

Mystic Dreamer
Seal Pt Male Born 1944
S: Jacques Of Abingdon
D: Petite Pasht

Champion Clonlost Yo-Yo

One of the most well known Koto's ancestors is Ch. Clonlost Yo Yo (Doneraille Dekho x Foxburrox Runtu) who was born in 1949.
He was a direct descendant of the Prestwick cats. He was a well used stud with as he had very beautiful type and produced many
offspring to different females.


Ch. Clonlost Yo Yo
Seal Pt Male Born 1949
S: Doneraile Dekho
D: Foxburrow Runtu


Pedigree of Ch. Clonlost Yo Yo d.o.b. 2/26/1949
Doneraile Dekho
Seal Pt
GCCF 42823
Larchwood Clover
Seal Pt
GCCF 33586 V35
Prestwick Ally Pally
GCCF 31035
CH Prestwick Pertana
Wivenhoe Patani
CH Jean of Abingdon
GCCF 32180
Prestwick Perzephon
Sabra of Abingdon
Tostock Looma Chun
Seal Pt
GCCF 33897
CH Jacques Of Abingdon
GCCF 28259
Hoveton Emperor
Rachel of Abingdon
Tostock Zoe
GCCF 33075
Chula Chin
Tostock Belle
Foxburrow Runtu
Seal Pt
GCCF 36154
Oriental Silky Boy
Seal Pt
GCCF 29565
CH Angus Silky
GCCF 21473 V7
Southampton Darboy
Sirius Valentina
GCCF 27012
CH Pita
Jeanette of Abingdon
Eastwick Rea
Seal Pt
GCCF 34632
Prestwick Ally Pally
GCCF 31035
CH Prestwick Pertana
Wivenhoe Patani
Eastwick Sunya
GCCF 32821
Hoveton Emperor
Eastwick Sybilla

Pita is a great-great-great son of Ch. Prestwick Perak.

CH. Pita
Seal Pt Male Born 1933
S: Southhampton Jupiter
D: Aouda
Ch. Prestwick Perak
Seal Pt Female Born 1924
S: Litabois
D: Puteh
Prestwick Pertana
Seal Pt Male Born 1939
S: Prestwick Perzephon
D: Hoveton Sultana

The famous Prestwick Cattery was founded in 1910's by Greta Hindley and her husband. In 1919 they brought from Malaya
(part of Thailand) to England two Siamese cats one of them was a queen named Puteh. Puteh was the foundation of the famous
Prestwick Siamese. Unfortunately we don't have any pictures of her but luckily there are few pictures of her famous daughter Perack.
This cattery existed for many years and had a strong influence on the Siamese breed that cannot be compared to any others.
Prestwick line was outstanding for brilliant eye color, fine type, and gentle, affectionate disposition.

And finally these two the most famous Siamese:

ch w
Champion Wankee
Seal Point Male Born 1895
S: Robert
D: Mons
Tiam O'Shian IV
Seal Point Male Born 1899
S: Tiam O'Shian III
D: Polyphema

Champion Wankee was the very first Siamese Champion in GCCF. He was owned by Mrs Robinson.
Tiam O'Shian was owned by Mr. Parker Brough.

These two are the direct decendants of the first original Siamese cats brought to Unied Kingdom from Siam in XIX Century.